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Korean Picture Dictionary (Ideal for Topik Exam Prep) - Con download gratuito degli audio

EAN: 9780804849326

Korean Picture Dictionary (Ideal for Topik Exam Prep) - Con download gratuito degli audio
ISBN : 978-0-8048-4932-6 // ISBN : 9780804849326
Anno di edizione: 2018
Casa editrice: Tuttle Publishing
Numero di pagine: 96
Lingua: inglese, coréen
Paese di origine: Stati Uniti

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Korean Picture Dictionary è un libro illustrato che include 1500 parole ed espressioni in coreano necessarie agli studenti che desiderano presentarsi al Topik.

Il libro presenta un'impaginazione curata con fotografie rappresentative, tabelle e toni d'ombra. Questo design stimola indubbiamente l'apprendimento e l'interiorizzazione dei contenuti.


  1.        Nice to meet you!
  2.        My family!
  3.        My House
  4.        The Human Body
  5.        Counting and Numbers
  6.        Daily Activities
  7.        Colors, Shapes and Sizes
  8.        Opposites
  9.        Cash and Money
  10.    Going Shopping
  11.    Life in the City
  12.    Getting Around
  13.    Asking and Giving Directions
  14.    Taking about the Weather
  15.    Telling Time
  16.    Years and Dates
  17.    Seasons of the Year
  18.    Celebrating the Holidays
  19.    I love to Learn
  20.    At School
  21.    I am Learning Korean
  22.    Counting Words
  23.    Computers and the Internet
  24.    I love My Smarthphone!
  25.     At Work
  26.    Music and Dance
  27.    Seeing a Doctor
  28.    Protecting Our Environment
  29.    The Animal Kingdom
  30.    Let`s Keep Fit!
  31.    Do you like to Travel?
  32.    Countries of the World
  33.    Foreign Languages
  34.    Do you like Korean Food?
  35.    Popular Western Foods
  36.    Drinks
  37.    Fresh Fruits, Nuts and Grains
  38.    At the Market

English-Koran Index

Nota dell'editore:

This Korean picture dictionary covers the 1,500 most useful Korean words and phrases.

This illustrated dictionary presents the 1,500 Korean words and sentences that students need to know to pass the TOPIK Korean proficiency exam. The handy format and highly visual presentation make it easy to learn and remember the words, making it a useful tool for any beginning speaker.

The vocabulary is organized into 38 themes or topics, and includes culture-specific vocabulary and photos. Each section presents 25 to 35 words and 3–8 sentences demonstrating their correct usage. Every word and sentence appears in Korean Hangul along with Romanized pronunciation and English meaning. Richly illustrated with over 600 color photographs, this useful Korean language tool includes a brief introduction to Korean pronunciation as well as an English-Korean index for quick reference. 

The free online audio contains recordings of native Korean speakers reading all the vocabulary and sentences, so students can learn correct pronunciation!

TOPIK is a Test of Proficiency in Korean. It is a written test designed to measure the ability of non-native speakers for expression and comprehension in the Korean language given by the Korean Government twice a year around the world.

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Korean Picture Dictionary (Ideal for Topik Exam Prep) - Con download gratuito degli audio
Korean Picture Dictionary (Ideal for Topik Exam Prep) - Con download gratuito degli audio

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