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New Yonsei Korean - Vocabulary and Grammar 4-1 (Codice QR per audio MP3)

EAN: 9788968503955

ISBN: 978-89-6850-395-5 // ISBN: 9788968503955
Anno di edizione: 2020
Casa editrice: Yonsei University Press
Numero di pagine: 216
Lingua: coreano
Paese di origine: Corea

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Nota dell'editore:

This newly published New Yonsei Korean Language Series is comprised of six levels with each level consisting of textbooks for Vocabulary & Grammar, Speaking & Writing, and Listening & Reading.  The Vocabulary & Grammar textbook is organized into lessons that help the learner understand and use the most essential vocabulary and grammar forms according to each proficiency level.  The Speaking & Writing textbook is organized by themes with speaking and writing activities to help the learner gain the necessary skills of expression for smooth communication.

Finally, the Listening & Reading textbook is organized by listening and reading activities to foster appropriate comprehension skills according to each level.

These three textbooks may be used together as a package for the uniform development of vocabulary & grammar, expression, and comprehension skills. They can also be used as individual textbooks according to the given conditions of the educational field or learner needs.

Furthermore, in the case of the Vocabulary & Grammar textbook, a separate guidebook has been prepared and can serve as a useful tool for the Korean language teachers in Korea or abroad who may not have much teaching experience.

The New Yonsei Korean Language Series will prove to be a tremendous help to many teachers who work hard for the education of the Korean language within Korea and around the world as well as be a helpful resource for all Korean language learners.

Indice dei contenuti: 

머리말 일러두기 단원구성 등장인물

제1과 건강한 생활 제2과 한국어 학습 제3과 성격과 환경 제4과 나의 진로 제5과 생활 속의 경제
제6과 의사소통과 표현 제7과 일상생활
제8과 문제와 해결 제9과 정보화 사회 제10과 현대인의 모습

문법 연습 연습문제
모범 답안(교재) 연습문제 답안 색인

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New Yonsei Korean - Vocabulary and Grammar 1-1 (Codice QR per audio MP3)
New Yonsei Korean - Vocabulary and Grammar 1-1 (Codice QR per audio MP3)

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