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New Yonsei Korean - Vocabulary and Grammar 2-2 (Codice QR per audio MP3)

EAN: 9788968502897

ISBN: 978-89-6850-289-7 // ISBN: 9788968502897
Anno di edizione: 2020
Casa editrice: Yonsei University Press
Numero di pagine: 225
Lingua: coreano, inglese
Paese di origine: Corea

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Nota dell'editore:

This newly published New Yonsei Korean Language Series is comprised of six levels with each level consisting of textbooks for Vocabulary & Grammar, Speaking & Writing, and Listening & Reading.  The Vocabulary & Grammar textbook is organized into lessons that help the learner understand and use the most essential vocabulary and grammar forms according to each proficiency level.  The Speaking & Writing textbook is organized by themes with speaking and writing activities to help the learner gain the necessary skills of expression for smooth communication.

Finally, the Listening & Reading textbook is organized by listening and reading activities to foster appropriate comprehension skills according to each level.

These three textbooks may be used together as a package for the uniform development of vocabulary & grammar, expression, and comprehension skills. They can also be used as individual textbooks according to the given conditions of the educational field or learner needs.

Furthermore, in the case of the Vocabulary & Grammar textbook, a separate guidebook has been prepared and can serve as a useful tool for the Korean language teachers in Korea or abroad who may not have much teaching experience.

The New Yonsei Korean Language Series will prove to be a tremendous help to many teachers who work hard for the education of the Korean language within Korea and around the world as well as be a helpful resource for all Korean language learners.

Indice dei contenuti: 

제11과 교통
제12과 학교생활
제13과 공공 기관
제14과 전화
제15과 예약과 주문
제16과 건강
제17과 취미
제18과 계획
제19과 여행
제20과 날씨와 생활

부록 : 연습문제/모범답안/연습 문제 답안/색인

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New Yonsei Korean - Vocabulary and Grammar 1-1 (Codice QR per audio MP3)
New Yonsei Korean - Vocabulary and Grammar 1-1 (Codice QR per audio MP3)

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