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Seoul University Korean 1A Workbook - English Version (CD-MP3 inclus)

EAN : 9788953934405

Seoul University Korean 1A Workbook - English Version (CD-MP3 inclus)
ISBN : 978-89-539-3440-5 //  ISBN : 9788953934405
Date de parution : 2013
Editeur : Moonjinmedia
Nombre de pages : 247
Langue : anglais, coréen
Pays d'origine : Corea

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Table des matières

머리말 Preface
일러두기 How to use this book
교실 용어 Classroom Talk
교재 구성표 Scope and Sequence

한글배우기 Learning the Korean alphabet
1과 안녕하세요? Hello
2과 이거는 뭐에요? What is this?

복습 1 Review

3과 한국어를 공부해요 I study Korean
4과 어디에 있어요? Where is it?

복습 2 Review

5과 주말에 친구를 만났어요 I met my friend over the weekend
6과 얼마예요? How much is it?

복습 3 Review

7과 날씨가 어떻습니까? How is the weather?
8과 영화볼까요? Shall we watch a movie?

복습 4 Review

활동지 Activities Sheets
듣기 지문 Listening Scripts
모범 답안 Answers Key

Description de l'éditeur: 

Seoul National University Korean Language is a six-level course book (200 hours of regular learning program per book) and developed for learners of Korean language. The book helps students develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and helps them apply Korean language in real life situations.

  • The textbook is carefully coordinated to link between spoken language and written language while focusing on the development of communicative language skills.
  • A task-based approach maximizes the use of linguistic knowledge and encourages to learn phonological rules and intonation for accuracy and fluency in Korean.
  • A systematic approach to learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation is adopted.
  • This textbook is designed to familiarize with Korean culture, and helps to share different culture of the learners through activities in the book.
  • The text includes a CD-ROM that can be used in the classroom, such as games and practices, reading and listening dialogues, vocabulary and grammar list, MP3, and extra class materials.

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Seoul University Korean 1A Student's Book - English Version (CD-ROM inclus)
Seoul University Korean 1A Student's Book - English Version (CD-ROM inclus)

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