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SNU Korean+ 2A Student's Book - Includes QR Code

EAN: 9788952131232

ISBN: 978-89-521-3123-2 // ISBN: 9788952131232
Year of publication: 2023
Publisher: Seoul National University Press
Number of pages: 180 (Main book) + 43 (Grammar book)
Language: Korean, English
Country of origin: Korea

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SNU Korean+ is a Korean learning series developed by Seoul National University that is divided into a total of 6 levels, each of which is subdivided into A and B levels. Each level consists of a main textbook, which includes a supplementary grammar book, and an exercise book.

This is the Level 2A textbook, which is geared towards students with a foundation in Korean who have passed Level 1. It is divided into 9 units, each covering a specific grammar aspect and vocabulary area. In addition, all units include exercises in all areas of the language: reading comprehension, listening, writing, grammar and pronunciation.

The final part includes all exercise solutions, audio transcripts and a glossary of vocabulary.

SNU Korean+ has been carefully designed: the books are printed in color and QR codes are included to download or listen to the audios.


머리말 Preface
일러두기 How to Use This Book
교재 구성표 Scope and Sequence
등장인물 Characters

1단원 소개 Introduction
1-1. 한국어를 배우려고 한국에 왔어요 I came to Korea to learn Korean
1-2. 제 고향은 춘천인데 닭갈비가 유명합니다
My hometown is Chuncheon, and it is famous for dakgalbi
2단원 취미 Hobby
2-1. 저는 요리하는 걸 좋아해요 I like to cook
2-2. 매주 금요일이나 토요일에 모입니다
We meet every week either on Friday or Saturday
3단원 여행 경험 Travel Experiences
3-1. 부산에 가 봤어요? Have you been to Busan?
3-2. 1박 2일 동안 전주에 갔다 왔어요 I went to Jeonju for 2 days & 1 night
4단원 쇼핑 Shopping
4-1. 이거보다 더 긴 거 있어요? Is there something longer than this?
4-2. 지난주에 산 운동화를 교환하고 싶습니다
I want to exchange the sneakers I bought last week
5단원 우체국과 은행 Post Offices & Banks
5-1. 소포를 보내려고 왔는데요 I’m here to send a package
5-2. 비밀번호를 눌러 주세요 Please enter your password
6단원 하루 일과 Daily Routine
6-1. 토요일마다 청소를 해요 I clean every Saturday
6-2. 수업이 끝난 후에 인사동에 갔어요 I went to Insa-dong after class
7단원 길 찾기 Getting Directions
7-1. 서울대학교까지 얼마나 걸릴까요?
How long would it take to get to Seoul National University?
7-2. 영화관이 어디에 있는지 아세요? Do you know where the movie theater is?
8단원 모임 Gathering
8-1. 축하 파티를 하기로 했어요 We’re going to throw a celebration party
8-2. 제가 먹을 것을 준비할게요 I’ll prepare something to eat
9단원 건강한 생활 Healthy Life
9-1. 약을 먹는 게 어때요? How about taking some medicine?
9-2. 목이 부은 것 같아요 I think my throat is swollen

부록 Appendix

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SNU Korean+ 2A Workbook - Includes QR Code
SNU Korean+ 2A Workbook - Includes QR Code

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