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SNU Korean+ 1A Student's Book - Includes QR Code

EAN: 9788952131171

ISBN: 978-89-521-3117-1 // ISBN: 9788952131171
Year of publication: 2023
Publisher: Seoul National University Press
Number of pages: 165 (Main book) + 35 (Grammar book)
Language: Korean, English
Country of origin: Korea

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SNU Korean+ is a Korean learning series developed by Seoul National University that is divided into a total of 6 levels, each of which is subdivided into A and B levels. Each level consists of a main textbook, which includes a supplementary grammar book, and an exercise book.

This is the Level 1A textbook, which is geared towards students who have no knowledge of Korean. It is divided into 8 units, each of which covers a specific grammar aspect and vocabulary focused on one area. In addition, all units include exercises in all areas of the language: reading comprehension, listening, writing, grammar and pronunciation.

The final part includes all the solutions to the exercises, transcriptions of the audios and a glossary with vocabulary.

This first book includes a supplementary book focused exclusively on learning the Hangul or Korean alphabet.

SNU Korean+ has been carefully designed: the books are printed in color and include QR codes to download or listen to the audios.


  • 머리말 Preface
    일러두기 How to Use This Book
    교재 구성표 Scope and Sequence
    등장인물 Characters

    1단원 인사 Greetings
    1-1. 저는 이유진이에요 I’m Yujin Lee
    1-2. 유진 씨는 학생이에요? Yujin, are you a student?
    2단원 교실과 방 Classroom & Room
    2-1. 이거는 시계예요 This is a clock
    2-2. 이 가방은 나나 씨 가방이에요 This is Nana’s bag
    3단원 가게 Store
    3-1. 이 빵 하나 주세요 I would like this bread
    3-2. 집 앞에 편의점이 있어요 There’s a convenience store in front of my house
    4단원 일상생활 Everyday Life
    4-1. 저는 한국어를 공부해요 I study Korean
    4-2. 오늘 회사에 가요 I’m going to work today
    5단원 식당 Restaurant
    5-1. 비빔밥하고 불고기가 맛있어요 The bibimbap and bulgogi are delicious
    5-2. 주스 세 병에 오천 원이에요 It’s 5,000 won for 3 bottles of juice
    6단원 날짜와 요일 Dates & Days of the Week
    6-1. 토요일에 친구를 만나요 I’m meeting a friend on Saturday
    6-2. 친구들하고 밥을 먹을 거예요 I’m going to eat with friends
    7단원 시간 Time
    7-1. 보통 몇 시에 일어나요? What time do you usually get up?
    7-2. 어제 한강공원에 갔어요 I went to Hangang Park yesterday
    8단원 날씨 Weather
    8-1. 오늘 날씨가 어때요? How’s the weather today?
    8-2. 토요일에는 비가 오고 조금 추워 It’s going to rain and will be a bit cold on Saturday

    부록 Appendix

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SNU Korean+ 1A Student's Book - Includes QR Code
SNU Korean+ 1A Student's Book - Includes QR Code

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