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Anytime Korean Beginning 1 (Book + Audio + 6 months subscription to Online Learning)

EAN: 9781635190151

ISBN: 978-16-3519-015-1 // ISBN: 9781635190151
Year of publication: 2020
Publisher: Kong & Park
Number of pages: 320
Language: Korean, English
Country of origin: Korea

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Click here to access the Anytime Korean website (Requires registration)

Anytime Korean is a communicative and enjoyable method mainly targeted for those students who wish to learn Korean without having a previous base or those who have learnt Hangul and they seek to improve their Korean language skills. One of the most important features of this method is that students get a strong base in Korean which allows them to communicate themselves in an effective way. These books can be complemented with a wide variety of resources which allow students to develop listening, writing and speaking in Korean and at the same time, build a grammar base. 

Main features of Anytime Korean Beginning

- Integral approach: One of the main points of this method is to provide students with a balance of all skills that compound the language: Writing, listening, reading, speaking and grammar. 

- Online resources: Anytime Korean can be complemented with 2 types of online resources: 

1) Audio: which can be downloaded for free at the Anytime Korean Website.

2) Audio-visual materials (register required): Some complementary resources require a payment from the customers, however, if you buy the book in our bookstore, you will obtain a code to use these materials for free during a period of 6 months. These resources include videos, scripts and pronunciation and translation practices. This code is only valid for one volume, it cannot be applied to both volumes of Anytime Korean Beginning

- Answer key: All exercises include their answers. For those exercises that accept more than one answer (describe a certain object or situation) the book offers one correct option. 

- Easy grammar explanations and vocabulary lists grouped by topic. 

- European common frame: Once students have completed Anytime Korean beginning 1 and 2 they will have reached level A.2 from the European common frame.

- TOPIK: Once students have finished both volumes of Anytime Korean beginning, they will be ready to take level 1 from TOPIK I. 

- Visual method with lots of pictures: which also offers cultural notes about Korea and its language.

Anytime Korean Beginning is mainly targeted to  

- Beginners without a base who wish to start studying Korean to get the fundamentals of the language: Hangul alphabet, formal and informal expressions to introduce yourself, verbs and adjectives conjugations etc. 

- Students with a base who wish to improve their Korean language skills and then obtain a balance between all skills: Writing, listening, reading, speaking and grammar. 

- Self- taught students who are seeking to improve their Korean and test themselves with different types of exercises: writing, reading, grammar etc. 

- Teachers and schools: They are offered a series of resources: Power Point presentations, syllabus, activities to develop in class etc. These materials can be found through the publishers or through the Anytime Korean website. in addition, by using PIP LANG (Pronunciation, Interpretation, Performance) teachers will be able to create assignments and exercises for their students. 

Detailed description of the first volume

The first volume of Anytime Korean is focused on Hangul, vocabulary an basic expressions that compound Korean language. To learn Hangul alphabet, students can use audio and exercises to practice calligraphy and order of strokes of each letter. The audios can be heard with different intonations, accents and speed which helps to learn different sounds. 

This first book contains 10 lessons with 2 main sections: the first is focused in conversation, vocabulary, useful expressions, grammar and cultural notes. Once students have learnt these contents they will be ready to apply them to the second sections that includes listening, speaking and writing comprehension exercises. The structure of each unit is the following: 

- Introduction: there are a series of goals to approach and complete in each unit. Through the online resources, students will find videos which will help them to get familiar with the contents of each lesson. 

- New words and expressions: Students must repeat and memorice vocabulary. All words and expressions can be found read out loud through the downloadable audio from Anytime Korean

- New expressions and patterns: This sections is focused in grammar. The conversation that opens every unit uses the grammar contents that can be found explained with examples in this sections. 

- Culture: one of the mains goals of this method is that students learn Korean and at the same time, they can approach its culture. For this reason, this section teaches traditions and customs from Korea. While doing so, the book also shows new vocabulary. 

- Listen and discuss: this section seeks that students speak and express their point of view about a specific situation. All videos that help to approach this section can be found on the website of Anytime Korean

- Guided conversation: In this section, students must fill some gaps that belong to a dialogue. Audio files are available through Anytime Korean website.

- Spontaneous conversation: In this section, students will hear a dialogue and they must answer questions using their own writing skills, for example they must fill a table with information. Anytime Korean method is focused in formal and informal Korean, for this reason, students will be able to learn different registers of the language in order to express themselves with different people. 

The answer key is attached at the end of the book and also an appendix with grammar and vocabulary. in those exercises in which students must express different answers, the book offers one correct answer, always keeping in mind that some others are also correct. All audios are numbered so it is very easy to find them through Anytime Korean website.

When you buy a copy of Anytime Korean through our website, you will also receive a code with which to get access to all complementary materials. The website offers the following contents from the 10 lessons of the book:

- Videos with dialogues between the main characters. 

- Audios with the conversations of each video. 

- Pronunciation practice: which offers the option to record your own voice to compare it with a native speaker. 

- Role- Play in which students must choose a role and then reproduce a dialogue. This sections needs a microphone in the computer. 

- Interpretation: In this section students must translate to Korean a series of phrases or expressions that appear in English to complete a dialogue. 

Performance: Students must choose a role and have a conversation. For this section, students must use all contents that they have learnt in each lesson. 

Anytime Korean is an excellent method to get ready for TOPIK. Once you have completed the first two volumes of this method (Anytime Korean Beginning 1 and 2) you will be ready to pass level 1 of TOPIK I, which belongs to a A.2 level in the common European framework. 

Anytime Korean is entirely printed in color and it is a very visual and enjoyable method to learn Korean. The books also offers interesting information about the language and tis relation with Chinese, so by using this method, you will also obtain a background about Asian languages. 

There are lots of resources for teachers available through the publishers website: Power Point presentations, syllabus, activities to develop in class etc. PIP LANG tool stands out, this is a system with which teachers can easily create assignments so their students can practice pronunciation and conversation. This tool allows students to send their exercises so that teachers can correct them. 

Contents of the first volume

Intended users 
How to use this book 
Main characters in this book 
Scope and sequence 

Reading and writing Hangeul 
Lesson 1. 안녕하세요? (Hi.; How are you?) 
Lesson 2. 저는 미국 사람이에요. (I'm an American.) 
Lesson 3. 대학생이에요? (Are you a college student?) 
Lesson 4. 뭐해요? (What are you doing?) 
Lesson 5. 무슨 일 하세요? (What do you do?) 
Lesson 6. 기숙사 어때요? (How is your dorm?) 
Lesson 7. 전화번호가 어떻게 되세요? (May I have your phone number?) 
Lesson 8. 오늘은 제가 살게요. (I'll buy it today.) 
Lesson 9. 형제 있어요? (Do you have any siblings?) 
Lesson 10. 몇 명쯤 와요? (How many people are coming?) 

Answer Keys 
Appendix I: Vocabulary 
Appendix II: Expressions 
Appendix III: Grammar 
Appendix IV: Speech levels, styles, and types 
Appendix V: How to conjugate irregular verbs and adjectives 

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Anytime Korean Beginning 1 (Book + Audio + 6 months subscription to Online Learning)
Anytime Korean Beginning 1 (Book + Audio + 6 months subscription to Online Learning)

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