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Sogang Korean Compact Series 2 - Workbook (Audio CD Included)

EAN: 9791161630045

ISBN: 979-11-6163-004-5 // ISBN: 9791161630045
Year of publication: 2017
Publisher: Hawoo Publishing
Number of pages: 216
Language: English, Korean
Country of origin: Korea

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Grammar book that matches Sogang Korean Compact Series 2. This volume contains lots of exercises to practice grammar, vocabulary and expressions, listening and reading comprehension. 

Sogang Korean 2 Compact Series is an all-in-one edition prepared for intensive Korean classes. The book, which is divided into 18 chapters, contains material drawn from Sogang Korean 2A and Sogang Korean 2B.

New features of this book

1. Expanded "Wrapping Up" Section. The "wrapping up" section at the end of each chapter contains target grammar, target vocabulary, and questions for the Speaking self test. These will be helpful for learners who wish to preview and review their classrooms lessons. In 'Sogang Korean 2 Compact Series', the content from Sogang Korean 2A and Sogang Korean 2B has been supplemented in the following two ways. First, an English translation of the target vocabulary is included to help students grasp their meaning. In addition, MP3 files containing a recording of the target vocabulary are provided to help students learn the spoken language.

2. Grammar Explanations. The grammar explanations that were included in the separate 'Grammar and Vocabulary Handbook' for Sogang Korean 2A and 2B have been moved to the end of each chapter in this book. this was based on feedback received from users of the textbook.

3. Culture Lessons. Culture lessons have been included with a focus on topics that learners are often curious about during class. Simple explanations and illustrations make these lessons enjoyable and effective.

4. Selected reading and Listening Sections. Only the reading and listening sections that are suitable for the objectives of the compact series have been selected for inclusion.

Table of contents

내용 구성표 
단원 구성 
교재 인물 소개 

1 이름이 어떻게 되세요? 
2 수업이 끝난 다음에 뭐 하세요? 
3 친구 만나서 영화를 봤어요 
4 이 길로 쭉 가면 사거리가 나와요 
5 오늘은 바쁘니까 내일 가는 게 어때요? 
6 여기에서 통화하면 안 돼요 
7 무슨 색으로 보여 드릴까요? 
8 뭐 드시겠어요? 
9 데니 씨 얘기 들으셨어요? 
10 앤디 씨 옆에 있는 분 아세요? 
11 어제 늦게까지 공부한 것 같아요 
12 주말이니까 나가자 
13 어렸을 때는 스케이트를 탔는데 요즘은 안 타요 
14 아무리 바빠도 운동을 해야 해요 
15 스페인에 가 본 적이 있으세요? 
16 누구하고 결혼하는지 아세요? 
17 언제 한국에 오셨습니까? 
18 처음 한국에 왔을 때 어떠셨어요? 

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Sogang Korean Compact Series 2 (Textbook + CD)
Sogang Korean Compact Series 2 (Textbook + CD)

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