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Diary of Dana in Korea (Incl. audio download)

EAN: 9788976999764

Diary of Dana in Korea (Incl. audio download)
ISBN: 978-89-7699-976-4 //  ISBN: 9788976999764
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: Hawoo Publishing
Number of pages: 245
Languages: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Country of origin: Corea

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Diary of Dana in Korea is a Korean language book oriented to basic-intermediate level students that need to improve in vocabulary and Korean daily life expressions. In every lesson, there is an adventure in the form of comic starring Dana, a foreign Korean language student and her friend Aerum.

The main objective of this book is to acquire the ability to confidently and fluently communicate in Korean.


-Colloquial and commonly used language

- Includes the “Cultural tip” section, with cultural information

-Provides the stories’ audios, recorded by professional Korean actors

-The idiomatic expressions are explained in Korean.


머리말 Preface

이 책의 구성과 특징 Components and Features

등장인물 소개 Introducing Characters

Chapter 1 쇼핑해요 Let’s go shopping

Episode 1. 쇼핑하고 싶을 땐 명동으로

Myeong-dong, the place to shop

Episode 2. 예뻐지고 싶은 날

On a day when you want to look pretty

Episode 3. 싸고 가벼운 노트북 있나요?

Is there any cheap, light-weight laptop?

Chapter 2 병원에 가요 Let’s go to the hospital

Episode 4. 건강이 최고

Being healthy is the best

Episode 5. 효과 만점 한의원

Korean medicine clinic 100% ective

Chapter 3 기분 전환해요 Let’s refresh ourselves

Episode 6. 다나의 변신, 누구세요?

Dana’s jaw-dropping change

Episode 7. 몸짱이 되고 싶어요

I want to become fit

Episode 8. 우울할 땐 케이팝 콘서트

K-pop concerts-the cure on gloomy days

Chapter 4 나들이 가요 Let’s go on a date

Episode 9. 서울에서 만나는 전통, 인사동 나들이

Insa-dong tour, encountering tradition in Seoul

Episode 10. 두근두근, 강남 데이트

A heart-throbbing date in Gangnam

Chapter 5 특별한 날이에요 Today is a special day

Episode 11. 회식 날, 모두 수고했어요

A company get-together

Episode 12. 다나야, 집들이는 한 번만……

One too many open houses for Dana

Episode 13. 나도 결혼하고 싶다

I wish I could get married, too

Chapter 6 여행을 가요 Let’s go on a trip

Episode 14. 여름 휴가는 부산으로

Let’s go to Busan

Episode 15. 아름다운 추억, 평창 여행

Beautiful memories of Pyeongchang

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Diary of Dana in Korea (Incl. audio download)
Diary of Dana in Korea (Incl. audio download)

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