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Vocabulaire essentiel français-coréen (incluyes CD)

EAN: 9791156350309

Vocabulaire essential français-coréen (with CD)
ISBN979-11-5635-030-9   //  ISBN: 9791156350309
Publication date: 2015
Publisher: Language Books
Number of Pages: 400
Languages: French, Korean
Country of Origin: Korea

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Vocabulaire essential français-coréen  (with CD) is a book with essential French vocabularydesigned for native speakers of Korean who are studying French.  It is a suitable learning resource for students with an A1-B2 level according to the CEFR 

It contains a total of 2500 words divided into 7 basic topics of everyday life.  Thanks to its 1000 illustrations, the book offers an attractive design and makes understanding easier. 

Each chapter includes the vocabulary in French and Korean. The pronunciation in French is written in hangul (in green ink). There are short dialogues after each section and exercises at the end of the topic. 

The CD includes the expressions, read by a French native speaker, as well as other audio files on French phonetics. 

Vocabulaire essential français-coréen (with CD)  is also suitable for native speakers of French who are studying Korean since the book contains an exhaustive list of Korean phrases and expressions translated into French. 

Contents of the book:

기초 다지기

1. 알파벳                    

2. 인칭 대명사   


Chapitre 1 인사

Unite 1 소개    

Unite 2 감사&사과        



Chapitre 2 사람

Unite 3 신체    

Unite 4 감정&성격        

Unite 5 사랑    

Unite 6 가족    



Chapitre 3 자연

Unite 7 시간&날짜        

Unite 8 날씨&계절        

Unite 9 동물&식물        



Chapitre 4 가정

Unite 10      

Unite 11      

Unite 12 음식   

Unite 13 취미   

Unite 14 전화&인터넷   



Chapitre 5 장소

Unite 15 학교   

Unite 16 직장   

Unite 17 음식점&카페   

Unite 18 상점   

Unite 19 병원&은행      



Chapitre 6 여행

Unite 20 교통   

Unite 21 운전   

Unite 22 숙박   

Unite 23 관광   

Unite 24 사건&사고      



Chapitre 7 기타

Unite 25 숫자   

Unite 26 유로화

Unite 27 모양   

Unite 28 색깔   

Unite 29 위치   

Unite 30 방향   

Unite 31 지도   

Unite 32 국가   

Unite 33 접속사&전치사&부사    

Unite 34 주요 동사       

Unite 35 동사 변화       



1. 알파벳      

2. 한글         

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Dictionnaire de conversation français-coréen (incluyed CD)
Dictionnaire de conversation français-coréen (incluyed CD)

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