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Easy & Fun Korean Penmanship - Hangeul step by step! (CD Included)

EAN: 9788927732112

ISBN: 978-89-277-3211-2 // ISBN: 9788927732112
Año de edición: 2018
Publisher: Darakwon
Number of pages: 112
Language: English, Korean
Country of origin: Korea

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Easy & Fun Korean Penmanship - Hangeul step by step! is a book targeted to those who do not have a base in Korean and they wish to learn this language from the very beginning. This book teaches the Hangeul alphabet, its pronunciation and a basic core of vocabulary. 

The book begins with a brief introduction to Hangeul, the vowels and the consonants. Each letter contains space to practice calligraphy, order of strokes and an explanation of how it should be pronounced. There are even pictures of how you must put you tongue and mouth to pronounce each letter. 

Once the student has learnt the Hangeul alphabet, there are exercises to learn basic vocabulary. The book includes a CD with all letter and examples read out loud to practice the pronunciation. At the end of the book there is an index of all words ordered and translated. 

This is a great book for those who wish to take their first steps in learning Korean, even if they are self learners. 

Description by the publisher:

〈Easy & Fun Korean Penmanship〉 is a self-study book on Korean penmanship for foreigners studying Korean for the first time. This book teaches you all the consonants, vowels, double vowels, and final consonants (batchim) in Korean. Then it will take you through basic conversational Korean, including how to introduce yourself to people, greet people, and ask for direction. You get to learn Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and practice Korean penmanship. But that’s not all! To help you utilize what you’ve learned in real life, this book also includes fun writing exercises like writing short memos and post cards. As this is a book for English-speaking Korean learners, English translations accompany the Korean parts, and a “Hangul Study Chart” is provided in the appendix to make learning Korean easier and more fun.

The Most Important Part Is the Beginning! Start with Hangul.
* Detailed description about each Korean syllable and abundant practice exercises!
This book gives detailed descriptions about the Korean consonants and vowels, double vowels, and final consonants, and you can use the provided audio files to practice writing. You can quickly learn Korean by looking at the different combinations of consonants and vowels, as well as suggested vocabulary words accompanied by illustrations.

* Practice your writing through various example scenarios and fun quizzes!
Each chapter has a section called , which includes fun quizzes like ghost leg, mazes, and dictations, to help you learn Korean. The book also let you practice using vocabulary and sentences that are commonly used day-to-day, such as introducing yourself, asking for directions, and writing cards.

* “Hangul Study Table” to help you study Korean whenever you want
The complementary “Hangul Study Table” provided in the appendix can be taken with you wherever you go. Or you can post it on your desk or wall, so you can practice all the consonants and vowels, and the basic combinations of consonants and vowels in Korean at your convenience. Additionally, it includes the words for days of the week, numbers, and time.  

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