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Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning

EAN: 9788959951987

Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning
ISBN: 978-89-5995-198-7  //  ISBN: 9788959951987  
Year of publication: 2013
Publisher: Darakwon
Number of pages: 376
Languages: English, Korean
Country of origin: Corea

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Introduction from the publisher

This is the first volume in the Korean Grammar in Use series which is best selling book for the learners of Korean, one of the most effective texts for learning Korean grammar. 

The book is the culmination of educational know-how and systematic grammar organization acquired by the three authors from their experience actually teaching Korean to foreigners in the classroom. In focusing strictly on Korean grammar, this series represents a departure from most current integrated teaching materials, allowing foreign learners to more easily concentrate on grammar in their study of Korean. The authors have included real dialogues and illustrations to make the study of Korean more interesting, especially for those students who have heretofore felt Koran grammar to be difficult. Further, this series equally serves as a general Korean grammar reference that can be used by Korean language instructors both in Korea and abroad who regularly experience the difficulty of teaching Korean grammar first-hand.

• Collects the introductory grammar points normally taught in Levels 1 and 2 at most university affiliated and private language institutes.

• Makes it easy for learners to locate those grammar patterns they find the most confusing by providing comparisons of patterns similar in meaning and usage. This way, learners can not only clarify the differences between similar patterns, but also study how they are used differently depending on the situation.

• Lets the learner confirm the usage of target grammar points by illustrating how they are used in real conversation. The examples presented are not simply sentences constructed for the purpose of illustrating grammar, but rather examples of how the grammar points are actually used in real life.

• Includes special sections on particularly tricky grammar points to allow learners to acquire a more accurate and natural-sounding command of Korean. Further, by presenting a variety of grammatical patterns along with both practice exercises and graphic illustrations, learners can approach the study of Korean grammar with renewed interest.

• Includes audio to follow every dialogue throughout the whole book.

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Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning
Korean Grammar in Use - Beginning

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El mejor libro para aprender coreano

Sin duda alguna, este libro es el mejor libro que tengo para aprender coreano. Es muy completo y te viene con explicaciones muy sencillas de entender. Junto datos comparativos del uso de la gramática.

Si estás pensando en comprarlo, ¡hazlo! Ya estás tardando en tenerlo :)

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The Korean Grammar Bible. A must!. Good for Self learners

I actually haven't bought this book in this bookshop but just ordered the Intermediate and Advanced ones today as I'm about to finish this one.

Complete but simple. Very well organised. It's a very good and easy book to go through both for learning or just clarifying doubts. It compares different but very similar grammar points, that some textbooks don't explain and it's very much appreciated. Vocabulary used in this book didn't scare me as it's very basic and doesn't distract your focus from the grammar point. there are not many exercises though (mine came with a CD but I don't use it).

I call it the Korean Grammar bible and a must. I think it's one of the most loved Grammar books in the Korean Language learner community.

I used it along with Get It korean Grammar as it has many more exercises. But explanations are slightly better on this one, and far better than in Sejong korean books!

Good for self learners.

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Hola, soy profesora de coreano y me ha encantado este libro de gramática para enseñar a mis alumnos.
Me parece que está escrito de una manera fácil de entender y me ha gustado mucho "Check It Out!" y "What´s the Difference?"

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