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    2000 Essential Korean Words for BeginnersISBN: 978-89-5995-781-1 //  ISBN: 9788959957811Year of publication: 2014Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 504Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
  • 31,73 € In Stock
    2000 Essential Korean Words IntermediateISBN: 978-89-2773-130-6 //  ISBN: 9788927731306Year of publication: 2014Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 536Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Coreano fácil for principiantes (Includes CD MP3 y cuadernillo de frases clave)ISBN:  978-89-27731-603 //  ISBN:  9788927731603Year of publication: 2016Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 288Languages: Spanish, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Cours de coréen -niveau debutant (Included 2 CD)ISBN: 978-89-277-3034-7 //  ISBN: 9788927730347Publication date: 2011Publisher: DarakwonNumber of Pages: 328 (Textbook) + 168 (Workbook)Language: French, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea 
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    Cours de coréen - Niveau intermédiaire (Included 2 CD)ISBN: 978-89-277-3206-8 //  ISBN: 9788927732068Publication date: 2018Publisher: DarakwonNumber of Pages: 263 (Textbook) + 119 (Workbook)Language: French, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea 
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    Die Koreanishche Kultur in 100 Schlagwörtern ( Korean- German Bilingual Reading Texts)ISBN: 978-89-27731-90-0 //  ISBN: 9788927731900Publication date: 2017Publisher: DarakwonNumber of Pages: 218Language: German, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
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    Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners 1- Includes CD MP3ISBN: 978-89599-582-90 //  ISBN: 9788959958290Year of publication: 2009Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 176Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners 2- Includes CD MP3ISBN:978-89599-5717-0 // ISBN: 9788959957170Year of publication: 2009Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 160Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    K-Pop Korean (Learn Korean Through K-Pop Lirycs)ISBN: 978-89-27731-58-0 //  ISBN:  9788927731580Year of publication: 2016Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 248Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Culture in 100 Keywords (Bilingual reading material for learners of Korean)ISBN: 978-89-277-3179-5 //  ISBN: 9788927731795Publication date: 2017Publisher: DarakwonNumber of Pages: 271Language: English, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
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    Korean Grammar in Use - AdvancedISBN: 978-89-277-3116-0 //  ISBN: 9788927731160Year of publication: 2013Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 407Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Grammar in Use - BeginningISBN: 978-89-5995-198-7  //  ISBN: 9788959951987  Year of publication: 2013Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 376Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Grammar in Use - IntermediateISBN: 978-89-277-3078-1 //  ISBN: 9788927730781Year of publication: 2013Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 432Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Language for a Good Job 1 (Includes Key Expressions & Drills Booklet and Audio CD)ISBN: 978-89-72552-31-4   //  ISBN: 9788972552314Year of publication: 2007Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 211Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
  • 23,56 € In Stock
    Korean Language for a Good Job 2 (Includes Key Expressions & Dialogues Booklet and Audio CD)ISBN: 978-89-59957-78-1 //  ISBN: 9788959957781 Year of publication: 2007Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 248Languages: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Listening Skills- Practical Task for Beginers (INCLUYE CD MP3)ISBN: 9788927730033 //  ISBN: 978-89-27730-03-3Year of publication: 2010Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 175Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
  • 21,50 € In Stock
    Korean Listening Skills- Practical Task for Intermediate Learners (INCLUYE CD MP3)ISBN: 9788959957927   //  ISBN: 978-89-5995-79-2-7Year of publication: 2008Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 135Languages: English, Korean Country of origin: Corea
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    Korean made easy for beginners (Incluye AUDIO CD, MP3 for descargar y Key Phrase Book)ISBN: 978-89-7255-797-5  //  ISBN: 9788972557975Year of publication: 2006Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 288Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean made easy for Everyday Life (Includes CD MP3)ISBN:  978-89-5995-794-1  //  ISBN: 9788959957941Year of publication: 2008Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 296Languages: English, Korean Country of origin: Corea
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    Korean made easy Intermediate (Includes CD MP3)ISBN: 978-89-277-3135-1   //  ISBN: 9788927731351Year of publication: 2015Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 325Languages: English, Korean Country of origin: Corea
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    Korean made easy Starter (Includes CD MP3)ISBN: 978-89-5995-833-7   //  ISBN: 9788959958337Year of publication: 2015Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 192Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean made easy Vocabulary (Incluye Audio CD)ISBN: 978-89-277-3117-7 //  ISBN: 9788927731177Year of publication: 2015Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 265Languages: English, Korean Country of origin: Corea
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    Korean Picture Dictionary- English-Chinese-Japanese (incluye CD)ISBN: 978-89-5995-76-1-3  //  ISBN: 9788959957613 Year of publication: 2014Publisher: DarakwonNumber of pages: 223Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, chinoCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Picture Dictionary- Spanish-French-GermanISBN:  979-11-5703-004-0  ISBN: 9791157030040  Año de edición: 2013Publisher: DarakwonNúmero de páginas:  231Languages: Korean, francés, alemán, españolPaís de origen: Corea

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