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    500 Common Korean Idioms (Includes Free Audio Download)ISBN: 978-1-138-69828-4 //  ISBN: 9781138698284Publication date: 2018Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of Pages: 236Languages: English, KoreanCountry of Origin: United Kingdom
  • 37,21 € In Stock
    A Frequency Dictionary of Korean- Core Vocabulary for LearnersISBN:  978-1138-7818-18 //  ISBN:  9781138781818Year of publication: 2017Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 348Languages: English, Korean Country of origin: Corea
  • 40,19 € In Stock
    An Introduction to Korean LinguisticsISBN: 978-0-415-65993-2 //  ISBN: 9780415659932Year of publication: 2016Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 261Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 37,40 € In Stock
    Basic Korean - A Grammar and Workbook (Routledge Grammar Workbooks)ISBN: 978-0-415-77487-1 //  ISBN: 9780415774871Year of publication: 2009Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 248Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 42,79 € In Stock
    Colloquial Korean- The Complete Course for Beginners, 2nd Edition (Free Audio Online)ISBN: 978-0-415-77446-8 //  ISBN: 9780415774468   Year of publication: 2009Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 304Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 33,17 € Out of stock
    Essential Korean ReaderISBN: 978-11381-882-59 // ISBN: 9781138188259Year of publication: 2018Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 235Languages: English. KoreanCountry of origin: United Kingdom
  • 35,20 € In Stock
    Intermediate Korean- A Grammar and WorkbookISBN: 978-0-415-77488-8 //  ISBN: 9780415774888Year of publication: 2009Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 288Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 52,88 € In Stock
    ISBN: 978-1-138-06449-2 // ISBN: 9781138064492Year of publication: 2019Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 550Language: English. KoreanCountry of origin: United Kingdom
  • 38,37 € In Stock
    ISBN: 978-0-415-38388-2 //  ISBN: 9780415383882    Year of publication: 2009Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 253Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 32,21 € In Stock
    ISBN: 978-0-367-22531-5 // ISBN: 9780367225315Year of publication: 2019Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 240Language: English, KoreanCountry of origin: United Kingdom
  • 37,50 € In Stock
    Modern Korean Grammar - A Practical GuideISBN: 978-11389-313-12  //  ISBN: 99781138931312Year of publication: 2017Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 342Languages: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 27,89 € In Stock
    Modern Korean Grammar WorkbookISBN: 978-11389-313-36 //  ISBN:  9781138931336Year of publication: 2018Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 409Languages: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 36,53 € In Stock
    ISBN: 978-0-415-64504-1 //  ISBN:  9780415645041Year of publication: 2016Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 221Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 33,90 € In Stock
    The Korean Language- Structure, Use and ContextISBN: 978-0-415-54436-8 //  ISBN: 9780415544368Year of publication: 2009Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 185Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido
  • 31,25 € In Stock
    The Routledge Course in Business Korean (Incl. audio download)ISBN: 978-1-138-29139-3 // ISBN: 9781138291393Year of publication: 2019Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 203Languages: English. KoreanCountry of origin: United Kingdom
  • 33,65 € In Stock
    The Routledge Course in Korean TranslationISBN: 978-11-38669-24-6  //  ISBN: 9781138669246Año de edición: Publisher:  RoutledgeNúmero de páginas:  185Languages: Korean, English País de origen: Reino Unido
  • 43,85 € Out of stock
    The Routledge Intermediate Korean ReaderISBN: 978-0-415-69535-0//  ISBN: 9780415695350Year of publication: 2013Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 216Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Reino Unido

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