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Basic Korean Reading Materials

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    Lectura en Korean- Nivel básicoISBN: 978-89-7699-881-1 // ISBN: 9788976998811Year of publication: 2012Publisher: Hawoo PublishingNumber of pages: 223Languages: Spanish, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Yonsei Korean Reading 1 (Includes CD)ISBN: 978-89-7141-798-0 //  ISBN: 9788971417980Year of publication: 2009Publisher: Yonsei University PressNumber of pages: 208Languages: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Frog's Tears and other Stories- Reading in Korean Culture Series- For Beginning and Interm. StudentsISBN: 978-08-8727-631-6 //  ISBN: 9780887276316Year of publication: 2009Publisher: Cheng & TsuiNumber of pages: 304Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin:  Estados Unidos
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    Easy Korean Reading For Beginners (Free Audio Downloads)ISBN: 979-11-8670-193-5 //  ISBN: 9791186701935Year of publication: 2018Publisher: Longtail BooksNumber of pages: 128Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Korea
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    Yonsei Korean Reading 2 (Includes CD)ISBN: 978-89-7141-930-4  //  ISBN: 9788971419304Year of publication: 2010Publisher: Yonsei University PressNumber of pages: 210Languages: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Essential Korean ReaderISBN: 978-11381-882-59 // ISBN: 9781138188259Year of publication: 2018Publisher: RoutledgeNumber of pages: 235Languages: English. KoreanCountry of origin: United Kingdom
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    Die Koreanishche Kultur in 100 Schlagwörtern ( Korean- German Bilingual Reading Texts)ISBN: 978-89-27731-90-0 //  ISBN: 9788927731900Publication date: 2017Publisher: DarakwonNumber of Pages: 218Language: German, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
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    Reading Korean for beginnersISBN: 978-1-56591-248-9 //  ISBN: 9781565912489 Year of publication: 2013Publisher: HollymNumber of pages: 224Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Stories for Language Learners (Includes Audio CD)ISBN:978-0-8048-5003-2  // ISBN: 9780804850032Year of publication: 2018Publisher: Tuttle PublishingNumber of pages: 222Languages: English, KoreanCountry of origin: United States
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    ISBN: 978-89-5913-003-0 // ISBN: 9788959130030Year of publication: 2016Publisher: Wisdom HouseNumber of pages: 226Language: KoreanCountry of origin: Korea
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    ISBN: 978-89-5913-044-3 // ISBN: 9788959130443Year of publication: 2016Publisher: Wisdom HouseNumber of pages: 224Language: KoreanCountry of origin: Korea
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    ISBN: 978-0-8048-4998-2 // ISBN: 9780804849982Year of publication:    2020Publisher: TuttleNumber of pages: 31Language: English, KoreanCountry of origin: U.S

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