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    An Ally and Empire: Two Myths of South Korea-United States Relations, 1945-1980ISBN: 978-89-7105-899-2 //  ISBN: 9788971058992Publication date: 2013Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 416Language: EnglishCountry of Origin: Korea
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    An Asia Internet HistoryISBN: 978-89-52115-23-2 // ISBN: 9788952115232Publication date: 2013Publisher: SnupressNumber of Pages: 308Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Beyond Risk Society-Ulrich Beck and the Korean DebateISBN: 978-89-52117-65-6 // ISBN: 9788952117656Publication date: 2017Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 658Language: English  Country of Origin: Corea
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    Bridging the Technology Gap: Historical Perspectives on Modern AsiaISBN: 978-89-52114-12-9 // ISBN: 9788952114129Publication date: 2013Publisher: SnupressNumber of Pages: 226Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Contemporary Gayageum Notation for Perfomers and ComposersISBN: 978-8952-114105 //  ISBN: 9788952114105Year of publication: 2011Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of pages: 289Languages: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Contemporary Music in East AsiaISBN: 978-89-52115-24-9 // ISBN: 9788952115249Publication date: 2014Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 330Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Handaxes in the Imjin BasinISBN: 9788952112484 // ISBN: 9788952112484Publication date: 2017Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 186Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Global Challenges in Asia: New Development Models and Regional Community Building-Studies 3ISBN: 978-89-52115-80-5 // ISBN: 9788952115805Publication date: 2014Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 394Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Hallyu: Influence of Korean Popular Culture in Asia and BeyondISBN: 978-89-52112-01-9 // ISBN: 9788952112019Publication date: 2011Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 504Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Health Politics in Korea- The Political Dynamics of Healthcare ReformISBN: 978-8-9521-1776-2  // ISBN: 9788952117762Publication date: 2016Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 348Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    ISBN:  978-89-521-2875-1  // ISBN: 9788952128751Year of publication: 2019Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of pages: 102Language: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Korea
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    ISBN: 978-89-521-2874-4 // ISBN: 9788952128744Year of publication: 2019Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of pages: 166Language: Korean, EnglishCountry of origin: Korea
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    Korea through Western EyesISBN: 978-89-52114-55-6 // ISBN: 9788952114556Publication date: 2013Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 435Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Korean Families- Continuity and ChangeISBN: 978-89-52112-57-6  ISBN: 9788952112576Publication date: 2016Publisher: SnupressNumber of Pages: 426Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Love Korean 6 - Student`s book  (Audio in QR Code)ISBN: 978-89-521-1791-5 // ISBN: 9788927731863Publication date: 2016Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 161Language: English, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
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    Love Korean 6 - WorkbookISBN: 978-89-521-1792-2  // ISBN: 9788952117922Publication date: 2016Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 172Language: English, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
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    New Asias: Global Futures of World Regions- Series in Asian Studies 1ISBN: 978-89-52111-26-5 // ISBN: 9788952111265Publication date: 2010Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 318Language: EnglishCountry of Origin: Korea
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    New Initiatives on International Cooperation in Criminal JusticeISBN: 978-89-521-1372-6 //  ISBN: 9788952113726Publication date: 2012Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 257Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Nonkilling Korea: Six Culture Exploration- Series in Asian Studies 2ISBN: 978-89-52112-88-0 // ISBN: 9788952112880Publication date: 2012Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 219Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Overcoming Financial CrisesISBN: 978-89-52114-80-8  //  ISBN: 9788952114808Publication date: 2013Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 363Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    Sixty Years of Korean EducationISBN: 978-89-521-1178-4 //  ISBN: 9788952111784Year of publication: 2010Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of pages: 640Languages: KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
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    The Foreign Destruction of Korean IndependenceISBN: 978-8-95211-1012 //  ISBN: 9788952111012Year of publication: 2007Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of pages: 318Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea 
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    The Korean State Public Administration and DevelopmentISBN: 9788952115676 // ISBN: 9788952115676Publication date: 2014Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 366Language: English Country of Origin: Korea
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    The Novels of Park Jiwon- Translation of Overlooked WorldsISBN: 978-89-52111-76-0 // ISBN: 9788952111760Publication date: 2011Publisher: Seoul National University PressNumber of Pages: 160Language: English Country of Origin: Korea

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