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    From Dolmen Toms to Heaven's Gate- Understanding World Heritage in KoreaISBN: 978-89-6297-146-0 //  ISBN: 9788962971460Year of publication: 2013Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 167Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Korean Popular BeliefsISBN: 978-89-6297-163-7  //  ISBN: 9788962971637Year of publication: 2012Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 239Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Koryosa choryo II-Essentials of Koreo History (Yonsei Korean Studies Series N1)ISBN:  978-89-6297-169-9 //  ISBN: 9788962971699Year of publication: 2014Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 416Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Korea
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    Myeangsim Bogam- A Precious Mirrow of Bright MindISBN: 978-89-6297-150-7 //  ISBN: 9788962971507Year of publication: 2012Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 128Languages: English, chino, Korean Country of origin: Corea
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    Oral Literature of Korea-Korean Studies Series NO.31ISBN: 978-89-8809-588-1  //  ISBN: 9788988095881Year of publication: 2005Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 385Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    The Culture of ArirangISBN:  978-89-6297-147-7 //  ISBN: 9788962971477Year of publication: 2012Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 303Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea
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    Understanding Everyday Life in Korea- Brief Answers to 80 FAQs on KoreaISBN: 978-89-6297-171-2 //  ISBN: 9788962971712Year of publication: 2015Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 183Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Korea 
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    Understanding Korean art: from the prehistoric through the modern day (incluye CD)ISBN: 978-89-6297-023-4 //  ISBN:  9788962970234Year of publication: 2011Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 251Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Korea 
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    Understanding Korean HistoryISBN: 978-89-6297-024-1 //  ISBN:  9788962970241Year of publication: 2011Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 313Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea 
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    Won-Buddhism: The birth of Korean BuddhimsISBN:  978-89-6297-035-7 //  ISBN: 9788962970357Year of publication: 2011Publisher: JimoondangNumber of pages: 175Languages: EnglishCountry of origin: Corea 

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