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    Dictionary Korean-español EssenceISBN: 978-89-387-0703-1 //  ISBN: 9788938707031 Year of publication: 20014Publisher: MinjungNumber of pages:  2773Languages: Korean, españolCountry of origin: Corea
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    Dictionnaire francais-coréen ESSENCEISBN: 978-89-387-0601-0 //  ISBN: 9788938706010Publication date: 2013Publisher: MinjungNumber of Pages: 2190Language: French, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea 
  • 33,56 € Out of stock
    Dictionnaire français-coréen ETUDEISBN: 978-89-387-0605-8 //  ISBN: 9788938706058Publication date: 2016Publisher: MinjungNumber of Pages: 1253Language: French, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea 
  • 20,19 € Out of stock
    Primeros Pasos en Coreano for Hispanohablantes (incluye CD)ISBN: 978-89-387-0011-7 //  ISBN:  9788938700117Year of publication: 2006Publisher: MinjungNumber of pages: 133Languages: Spanish, KoreanCountry of origin: Corea
  • 35,10 € In Stock
    Minjung's Deutsch-Koreanisch / Koreanisch-Deutsch WörterbuchISBN: 978-89-38705-05-1 // ISBN: 9788938705051Publication date: 2013Publisher: MinjungNumber of Pages: 1256Language: German, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
  • 68,75 € In Stock
    Minjung's Essence Deutsch-Koreanisches Wörterbuch ISBN: 978-89-38705-09-9 // ISBN: 9788938705099Publication date: 2016Publisher: MinjungNumber of Pages: 2773Language: German, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
  • 34,33 € Out of stock
    Minjung's Pocket- Dictionary Coreano-EspanolISBN: 978-89-38707-05-5 // ISBN: 9788938707055Year of publication: 2000Publisher: MinjungNumber of pages: 1091Languages: Korean, españolCountry of origin: Corea
  • 34,33 € Out of stock
    Minjung's Pocket- Dictionary Espanol-CoreanoISBN: 978-89-38707-07-9 // ISBN: 9788938707079Year of publication: 2011Publisher: MinjungNumber of pages: 1180Languages: Korean, españolCountry of origin: Corea
  • 68,75 € In Stock
    Minjungs Essence Koreanisch-Deutsches WörterbuchISBN: 978-89-38705-02-0 // ISBN: 9788938705020Publication date: 2016Publisher: MinjungNumber of Pages: 2103Language: German, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea
  • 20,19 € In Stock
    Premier pas en Coréen por le française (Included CD)ISBN: 978-89-387-0010-0 // ISBN: 9788938700100Publication date: 2014Publisher: Minjung SeorimNumber of Pages: 133Language: French, KoreanCountry of Origin: Korea 

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