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Basic Korean Vocabulary - Learn 3200 essential Korean words! (English Version)

EAN: 9791156351153

ISBN: 979-11-5635-115-3 // ISBN: 9791156351153
Año de edición: 2019
Verlag: Language Books
Seitenzahl: 448
Sprachen: Koreanisch, Englisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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Koreanisches Vokabelwörterbuch mit Illustrationen, Audio und englischen Übersetzungen.

Die Beschreibung in englischer Sprache basiert auf den Werbetexten des Verlags und den eigenen Worten des Autors:

- Learn 3,200 essential Korean words !
- Features words used most by Koreans
- All Korean words and expressions are Romanized
- Strengthen your basic vocabulary with easy to understand pictures !
- FREE MP3 audio for intensive speaking training !

Basic Korean Vocabulary is a collection of words that are used frequently, in actual conversation, from those essential "dictionary" words to ones that reflect the rapidly changing times. Since the Korean language was developed wih honorifics, it is relative strict in selecting the appropiate vocabulary depending on the situation and the age or status of people who are communicating. We have added the neccesary tips to prevent mistake in this area. Confidence in language learning is also a must, and so all Korean words and examples have been Romanized for your convenience. There are also MP3 files so that you may lited and follow the correct pronunciation of native Korean speakers. Do your best!

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Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners - Beginning Level (English Version)
Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners - Beginning Level (English Version)

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