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Topik Master Final II - 3rd. editon - Intermediate - Advanced - Actual Tests

EAN: 9788927733119

ISBN: 978-89-277-3311-9 // ISBN: 9788927733119
Erscheinungsjahr: 2023
Verlag: Darakwon
Seitenzahl: 696
Sprachen: Koreanisch, Englisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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Beschreibung des Buches durch den Verlag in englischer Sprache:

Master the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) using thorough question analysis and 10 actual tests!

“TOPIK Master Final 실전 모의고사 Ⅱ – 3rd Edition” is a revised edition of “New TOPIK MASTER Final 실전 모의고사 TOPIK Ⅱ (Intermediate - Advanced)” and a preparation book for the beginner level “TOPIK Ⅱ” exam. This book provides 10 actual tests so learners can sufficiently practice before taking the exam and perfectly prepare for the test. In addition, problem-solving strategies based on analysis of recent TOPIK trends are presented so test-takers can accurately grasp the intention of each question and find the correct answer. In the separate explanation book, by using detailed commentary that is explained in the style of a direct lecture, test-takers can check their skills and make up for their shortcomings. All passages, problem-solving strategies, and explanations of the actual tests are translated into English so learners can easily understand the content and effectively prepare for the TOPIK exam.

* Perfect exam preparation through systematic analysis of each question type!
Through meticulous analysis of previously published test questions and the restructured TOPIK system, detailed strategies for each question type are presented so test-takers can easily achieve a high score.

* Provides 10 actual tests reflecting the latest exam trends and question types!
Through 10 actual tests that reflect the latest exam trends, learners can sufficiently practice and learn practical skills to better prepare for the exam. In addition, learners can listen to audio files of all listening questions with a QR code, enabling convenient study anytime, anywhere.

* Understand each question using detailed explanations and strategic problem-solving methods!
By using detailed commentaries in the separately provided explanation book, test-takers can self-check their learning and make up for their weak points. In addition, relevant vocabulary words and expressions are presented for each subject, so it is possible for students to broaden their scope of Korean language learning and more thoroughly prepare for real-life scenarios.  

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New Topik 2, Levels 3-6 (mit CD MP3)
New Topik 2, Levels 3-6 (mit CD MP3)

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