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Korean for Beginners - Mastering Conversational Korean (CD inklusive ROM)

EAN: 9780804841009

Korean for Beginners - Mastering Conversational Korean (CD inklusive ROM)
ISBN: 9780804841009 
Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
Verlag: Tuttle
Seitenzahl: 176
Sprachen: Englisch, koreanisch
Herkunftsland: USA

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Chapter 1: Welcome to Korean!
An introduction to Korean and the Korean Spirit

Chapter 2: Korean Characters
An Introduction to the Korean Characters and Their Pronunciation

Chapter 3: Reading and Pronouncing Korean Words
Review of the Character and Some Additional Pronunciation Rules

Chapter 4: I you love
Five Basic Features of  Korean: World  Order, Particles, Conjugation, Honorifics, and Omissions and Plurals.

Chapter 5: My Mother is Korean, and My Father is American
All about Particles

Chapter 6: Learn, Learned, Learning
Regular Conjugations Patterns

Chapter 7: Go, Went, Going
Irregular Conjugations Patterns

Chapter 8: My Mother Loves Me
Honorific Endings and Words

Chapter 9: Hello?
What to Say in Greeting, in Parting, and in Thanks

Chapter 10: I, You, We…Do I know you?
Personal Pronouns and How to Address Strangers

Chapter 11: What`s This?
Demonstrative Pronouns and How to Ask Simple Questions

Chapter 12: To Be, or Not To Be?
All about the Verb “To Be”

Chapter 13:  My name is Hal
Introducing Yourself and Holding Simple Conversations

Chapter 14: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister
Korean Nouns and Terms for Family Members

Chapter 15: I Don’t Want to Eat
Advanced Pronunciation Rules

Chapter 16: Excuse Me, Where’s the Restroom?
Interrogatives: When and Where

Chapter 17: How`s Korean?
Interrogatives: How and Why, Reason and Causes?

Chapter 18: I`m from the U.S.
Verbs Tenses: Past, Progressive, and Future

Chapter 19: Have you ever Seen a Korean Movie?
Turning Verbs and Adjectives into Noun Modifiers

Chapter 20: I Couldn’t Study So Much

Chapter 21: I Should Talk to My Wife First
Suggestions, Suppositions, Obligation, and Prohibition

Chapter 22: Canada is Larger than the U.S.
Special Adverbs

Chapter 23: One, Two, Three
Counting: Numbers and Counting Units

Chapter 24: How Much it This?
How to Shop?

Chapter 25: What time is it?
Asking and Telling Time and How Many

Chapter 26: Today is August 15
Days, Dates, and Seasons

Chapter 27: I Wish You Would Come Back to Korean Someday
Wanting and Wishing

Appendix: Grammar Terms
Korean-English Glossary
English-Korean Glossary

Descripción ofrecida por la editorial:

Have you ever considered learning Korean, but been put off by the unusual look of the characters? Don't let yourself be scared away! Korean has been called "the most logical language there is," and with this friendly and thorough introduction you will soon see why.

As the more than 1 million Americans who speak Korean can attest, Korean is here to stay, and generations of young (and older) adults are determined to learn it. This book is for people who want a grasp of how to speak, write and understand Korean—and who want to enjoy things while they're at it!

Using a lighthearted, humorous approach, Korean for Beginners starts by showing you just how reasoned and logical the Korean alphabet, hangeul, actually is, and helps you master it faster than you learned the English alphabet. Realistic situations you might encounter in Korea in Korean-speaking environments are described, and new words are explained in terms of how you'll find them useful to communicate. Numerous illustrations enliven the text, and a CD-ROM bound into the jacket lets you listen and repeat phrases in the book. Soon you'll be able to say with pride, "I know Korean!"

Author Bio

Henry J. Amen, IV, is a freelance editor and writer of language learning materials; he learned Korean by being plunged into the busy streets of Seoul on a business trip.

Kyubyong Park works at a Korean publishing company that creates practice books for Koreans learning English.

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Korean for Beginners - Mastering Conversational Korean (CD inklusive ROM)
Korean for Beginners - Mastering Conversational Korean (CD inklusive ROM)

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