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Sejong Korean Conversation 3 - Intermediate

EAN: 9788997134168

ISBN: 978-89-97134-16-8 // ISBN: 9788997134168
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Verlag: King Sejong Institute
Seitenzahl: 179
Sprachen: Koreanisch, Englisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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Buchbeschreibung des Verlags:

• The purpose of this textbook is to help Korean language learners understand the Korean language and Korean society from an intercultural perspective, which is in accordance with the aims and purpose of the King Sejong Institute.
• The following textbook is developed based on the ‘International Standard Model for Korean Language Education’ and the ‘King Sejong Institute Standard Model of Education,’ with aims to reach the objectives of textbooks,『Sejong Korean』Books 5, 6, 7, 8.『Sejong Korean Conversation 3』is equal to the objectives in『Sejong Korean』Book 5, 6 while the objectives in『Sejong Korean Conversation 4』is equal to『Sejong Korean』Books 7 and 8.
• The following textbook is designed based on the 45-hour model of the ‘King Sejong Institute Standard Model of Education’ with a focus on speaking and listening education.
• The following textbook is based on the 45-hour model and chooses the module of three parts. Depending on the class hours at King Sejong Institute, some modules can be deleted or partially chosen and further adopted within the 60-hour module.
• This textbook is aimed to develop accuracy and fluency through communicative activities and activities testing language knowledge.
• The contents and activities of the textbook are designed to help adult learner’s cognitive skills and learning strategies.


발간사 2
머리말 3
일러두기 4
단원구성 8

1과 세종학당에서 한국어를 배울까 해요 16
2과 테니스를 치고 나면 스트레스가 풀려요 24
3과 아무 데나 상관없어 32
4과 필요한 물건은 같이 사러 가자 40
5과 저도 뉴욕에 가 본 적이 있어요 48
6과 사이즈가 작아서 교환하려고요 56
7과 본선에서 상을 탈 수 있었으면 좋겠어요 64
함께 이야기해요 1 72

8과 내 꿈이 한국어 선생님인데 가능할지 모르겠어 76
9과 스파게티 면을 살짝 볶고 나서 소스를 넣어 84
10과 제가 실수할 뻔했네요 92
11과 배우들이 연기를 잘한다고 해요 100
12과 무거운 짐을 들다가 손목을 다쳤어 108
13과 생활비가 많이 절약되더라고요 116
14과 한국으로 여행을 한번 가 보지 그래요? 124
함께 이야기해요 2 132

모범 답안 138
듣기 지문 147
문법 설명 160
어휘 및 표현 색인 168

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Sejong Korean Conversation 2 - Beginner
Sejong Korean Conversation 2 - Beginner

Schreiben Sie eine Bewertung

Love it!

I’m currently working through this book with my 선생님 and it’s really good. There are a lot of exercises, you will need a teacher or a partner for most of them. But if you are self-studying, I would still recommend this book because the listening exercises are so so good. They are of increasing difficulty and the transcripts are available at the end.

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