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Seoul University Korean 2B Student's Book - English Version (Enthält CD-ROM)

EAN: 9788953934313

Seoul University Korean 2B Student's Book - English Version (Enthält CD-ROM)
ISBN: 978-89-539-3431-3 //  ISBN: 9788953934313
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013 
Verlag: Moonjinmedia
Seitenzahl: 275
Sprachen: Englisch, koreanisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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머리말 Preface 
일러두기 How to use this book 
교재 구성표 Scope and Sequence 
등장인물 Characters 

10과 뭐 먹을래? What would you like to eat? 
11과 운동을 좀 해 보는 게 어때요? Why don't you exercise? 
12과 저는 좀 조용한 편이에요 I am a little on the quiet side 
13과 주변이 조용해서 살기 좋아요 Living conditions are good because the neighborhood is quiet 
14과 여기서 사진을 찍어도 돼요? May I take a picture here? 
15과 한국 생활에 익숙해졌어요 I've become used to living in Korea 
16과 설날에는 밥 대신 떡국을 먹어요 We eat tteokguk instead of rice on New Year's Day 
17과 비행기를 놓칠 뻔했어요 I almost missed the flight 
18과 한국에 온 지 벌써 6개월이 되었어요 It's been already six months since I came to Korea 

활동지 Activity Sheets 
문법 해설 Grammar Extension 
문화 해설 Culture Extension 
듣기 지문 Listening Scripts 
모범 답안 Answer Key 
어휘 색인 Glossary

Buchbeschreibung des Verlags:

Seoul National University Korean Language is a six-level course book (200 hours of regular learning program per book) and developed for learners of Korean language. The book helps students develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and helps them apply Korean language in real life situations.

  • The textbook is carefully coordinated to link between spoken language and written language while focusing on the development of communicative language skills.
  • A task-based approach maximizes the use of linguistic knowledge and encourages to learn phonological rules and intonation for accuracy and fluency in Korean.
  • A systematic approach to learning vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation is adopted.
  • This textbook is designed to familiarize with Korean culture, and helps to share different culture of the learners through activities in the book.
  • The text includes a CD-ROM that can be used in the classroom, such as games and practices, reading and listening dialogues, vocabulary and grammar list, MP3, and extra class materials.

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Seoul University Korean 2B Workbook - English Version (Enthält CD-MP3)
Seoul University Korean 2B Workbook - English Version (Enthält CD-MP3)

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