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Routledge Handbook of Modern Korean History

EAN: 9780367581664

ISBN: 978-0-367-58166-4 // ISBN: 9780367581664
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Verlag: Routledge
Seitenzahl: 396
Sprachen: Englisch
Herkunftsland: Vereinigtes Königreich

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Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century when Korea became entangled in the world of modern imperialism and the old social, economic and political order began to change; this handbook brings together cutting edge scholarship on major themes in Korean History. Contributions by experts in the field cover the Late Choson and Colonial periods, Korea’s partition and the diverging paths of North and South Korea.

Topics covered include:

  • The division of Korea
  • Religion
  • Competing imperialisms
  • Economic change
  • War and rebellions
  • Nationalism
  • Gender
  • North Korea Under Kim Jong Il
  • Global Korea

The Handbook provides a stimulating introduction to the most important themes within the subject area, and is an invaluable reference work for any student and researcher of Korean History.


1. Introduction: Understanding Modern Korean History Michael J. Seth  Part I: Late Choson  2. Korea by 1860 James B. Lewis  3.Competing Imperialisms in Korea Kirk Larsen  4. The Nation, the People, and the Possibilities of the Post-National: Historiographies of Late Nineteenth-Century Korean Reform Movements Joshua Van Lieu  5. Religion 1876-1910 Albert L. Park  6. The transformation of the Chosŏn economy in the Open Port Period, 1876-1910 Owen Miller  7. The 1894 Tonghak Rebellion Carl Young  Part II: The Colonial Period  8. The Politics of Assimilation: Koreans into Japanese Mark Caprio  9. Colonial Modernity E. Taylor Atkins  10.Women, Gender and Social Change in Colonial Korea Sonja Kim  11. Nationalist Movements Before 1945 Franklin Rausch  Part III: Division and War  12. The Division of Korea and the Rise of Two Koreas, 1945-1948 Jongsoo Lee 13.  The Korean War and Its Politics Grace J. Chae  Part IV: North Korea  14. North Korean State-Making: Process and Characteristics Shin Jongdae  15. North Korea’s Chuch’e Philosophy James Person  16. A Dynastic Polity in Economic Stagnation and Decline Andrei Lankov  17. The North Korean Famine Marcus Noland  18. North Korea Under Kim Jong Il Adrian Buzo  19. Marriage, Family, and Sexuality in North Korea Suzy Kim  Part V: South Korea  20. Trade Union Movements in South Korea since 1945 Jooyeon Jeong  21. Economic Miracle: From Post-War Reconstruction to Post-Crisis Affluence Ingyu Oh and Hannah Jun  22. Democratization in South Korea Gregg Andrew Brazinsky  23. Women, Gender & Social Change in South Korea Since 1945 Laura C. Nelson and Cho Haejoang  24. The Postdevelopmental State: Economic and Social Changes Since 1997 Jamie Doucette  25. Global Korea John Lie  26. Inter-Korean Relations, 1945-2013 Avram Agov

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Routledge Handbook of Korean Culture and Society
Routledge Handbook of Korean Culture and Society

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