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Contemporary Music in East Asia

EAN: 9788952115249

Contemporary Music in East Asia
ISBN: 978-89-52115-24-9 // ISBN: 9788952115249
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Verlag: Seoul National University Press
Seitenzahl: 330
Sprachen: Englisch  
Herkunftsland: Korea

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I. Introduction 
Neo-Nationalism and Anti-Essentialism in East Asian Art Music since 
the 1960s and the Role of Musicology 
- Christian Utz (University of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz, Austria) 

II. Contemporary Music in Korea 
Avant-Garde Music for Traditional Instruments: 
Extended Techniques in the Music of Hwang Byungki 
- Andrew Killick (University of Sheffield, UK) 

‘Intercultural’ Problems of Bi-Cultural Instrumentation: 
A Focus on Contemporary Korean Composition 
- Hee Sook Oh (Seoul National University, Korea) 

Unsuk Chin’s Musical Language, Abstraction and Recontextualization: 
With an Example of ?u f?r Sheng und Orchester (2009, rev. 2010) 
- Jeong Eun Seo (Seoul National University, Korea) 

Together This Moment: 
Gugak Teams and the Process of Composition 
- Hilary Vanessa Finchum-Sung (Seoul National University, Korea) 

III. Contemporary Music in Japan 
Imaginary Songs of the East: 
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Masahiro Miwa and the Music of Postmodern Japan 
-Akeo Okada (Kyoto University, Japan) 

A Close Relationship between Music and Nature: 
Concepts of Cultural Identity in the Music of Toshio Hosokawa 
- J?rn Peter Hiekel (University of Music “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden, Germany) 

Re-situating Japan’s Post-War Musical Avant-Garde through Re-situating Cage: 
The S?getsu Art Center and the Aesthetics of Spontaneity 
- Fuyuko Fukunaka (Tokyo Uiversity of the Arts, Japan) 

IV. Contemporary Music in China 
Cultural Boundary and National Border: 
Recent Works of Tan Dun, Chen Yi and Bright Sheng 
- Nancy Yunhwa Rao (Rutgers University, USA) 

Musical Phantasmagoria in the Globalized Age: 
Tan Dun’s The Map and the Environmental Politics of Musical Materials 
- Chien-Chang Yang (Taiwan National University, Taiwan) 


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Contemporary Music in East Asia
Contemporary Music in East Asia

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