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The Korean Diaspora: A Sourcebook

EAN: 9791158661700

The Korean Diaspora: A Sourcebook
ISBN: 979-11-5866-170-0 // ISBN: 9791158661700
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
VerlagThe Academy of Korean Studies
Seitenzahl: 348
Sprache: Englisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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Part I History of the Korean Diaspora 
Chapter 1 Onward Migration of Overseas Koreans and Pluralization of the Overseas Korean Community 
Chapter 2 History of the Korean Diaspora and Korean Community Movement 
Part II Topics and Issues of the Korean Diaspora 
Part III Korean Diaspora Worldwide 
Chapter 3 Ethnic Koreans from China: Korean Dream, Adaptation, and New Identity 
Chapter 4 Perceptions of the Korean Diaspora in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Regarding Korean Traditional Cultural Heritage and the Current State of Cultural Heritage Transmission 
Chapter 5 Confronting Sa-i-gu: Twenty Years after the Los Angeles Riots 
Chapter 6 Political Rights of Korean Residents in Japan 
Chapter 7 Characteristics and Current Status of the Korean Community in Brazil 
Chapter 8 Korean Communities in Europe 
Chapter 9 A Demographic Profile of Koreans in Canada: Selected Findings of the 2011 Census 
Chapter 10 Korean Diaspora in Australia and New Zealand (1)/Koreans in New Zealand (2) 
Chapter 11 Current Status of Koreans Living in Southeast Asia: Focusing on Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia 
Part IV South and North Korea’s Overseas Koreans Policy 
Chapter 12 Re-establishing Goals and Implementation System of Overseas Koreans Policy 
Chapter 13 A Comparative Study of North Korean Policy on Chongryon in China and Japan, and Ethnic Koreans in the CIS and US 
Chapter 14 Laws and Regulations Regarding Overseas Koreans

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The Saemauul Movement: A Sourcebook
The Saemauul Movement: A Sourcebook

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