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From Dolmen Toms to Heaven's Gate- Understanding World Heritage in Korea

EAN: 9788962971460

From Dolmen Toms to Heaven's Gate- Understanding World Heritage in Korea
ISBN: 978-89-6297-146-0 //  ISBN: 9788962971460
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Verlag: Jimoondang
Seitenzahl: 167
Sprache: Englisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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When we explore the cultural heritage of a particular region, we not only gain its knowledge but are further guided to broader questions as well. For example, we are likely to continue questioning “How are the characteristics of Korean Changdeokgung Palace similar or different from other palaces in near East Asian countries such China and Japan?” or “What are the unique features of Korean Changdeokgung palace that makes it different from palaces in Western countries?” Thus, I consider that every question can help us to have a more profound and broaden view toward the world and feel the special value in the history of humankind. I expect that such trials ultimately become the passage to every person in the world, not just limited to the studies of certain eras or regions.

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Understanding Korean History
Understanding Korean History

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