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Myeangsim Bogam- A Precious Mirrow of Bright Mind

EAN: 9788962971507

Myeangsim Bogam- A Precious Mirrow of Bright Mind
ISBN: 978-89-6297-150-7 //  ISBN: 9788962971507
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Verlag: Jimoondang
Seitenzahl: 128
Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch, Koreanisch
Herkunftsland: Korea

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Vom Verlag angebotene Beschreibung auf Englisch: 

'Myeangsim Bogam: The Precious Mirror of Bright Mind' has sold steadily in Korea for decades. Myeangsim Bogam emerged to provide relief from this strife and share universal wisdom to guide human relations and balance one's mind. Myeangsim Bogam does this by combining accepted Taoist ideas as well as Confucian manners in its. While originally published centuries ago, Myeangsim Bogam became especially endeared to Koreans and enjoyed a resurgence in publication in the modern age during the Japanese Occupation. Koreans have taken comfort from this book-nowadays as well as the recent and ancient past. This book is as much beloved by Korean people today as it was in the past. 

Introduction to Myeangsim Bogam
Notes on Translation

1. Gaisun - Good Success Inherited Goodness from Heaven
2. Cheonmyeong - Heaven's Will 
3. Soonmyeong - Follow the Will of Heaven
4. Hyohaeng - Filial Behavior
5. Cheonggi - Reform One's Self 
6. Anboon - Content with One's Place 
7. Chonsim - Maintain Mind
8. Gaisung - Beware of Nature 
9. Geunhak - Striving to Learn 
10. Hoonja - Education of Children 
11. Seangsim I - Reflection Mind I 
12. Seangsim II - Reflection Mind II 
13. Ribgyo - Setting Learning 
14. Chijeang - Governing State Affairs 
15. Chiga - Governing Family
16. Anui - Staying Righteousness 
17. Junrai - Observing Decorum 
18. Eeanea - Speech 
19. Gyowoo - Friendship 
20. Boohaeng - Conduct of Ladies
21. Chungbo - Addition 
22. Palbanga - Eight Ironic Songs 
23. Hyohaeng Sokpyun - Filial Behavior Sequel 
24. Yeamui - Shame and Righteousness
25. Guanhak - Encourage Learning


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The Culture of Arirang
The Culture of Arirang

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