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Korean Comprehensive Grammar (Routledge Comprehensive Grammars)

EAN: 9780415603850

Korean Comprehensive Grammar (Routledge Comprehensive Grammars)
ISBN:  978-0-415-60385-0  //  ISBN: 9780415603850
Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
Verlag: Routledge
Seitenzahl: 476
Sprachen: Englisch, koreanisch
Herkunftsland: Großbritannien

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Beschreibung auf englisch:

Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to Korean grammar.
It presents a thorough yet accessible overview of the language, concentrating on the real patterns of use in modern Korean. The book moves from the alphabet and pronunciation through morphology and word classes to a detailed analysis of sentence structures and semantic features such as aspect, tense, speech styles and negation.
Avoiding complex grammatical terminology, the Grammar provides practical information regarding how these grammatical patterns are used in real-world conversation. Through the provision of realistic and lively examples, the book presents readers with Korean grammatical patterns in context.
An extensive index and numbered sections provide readers with easy access to the information they require.
Features include:

  • ·detailed treatment of the common grammatical structures and parts of speech
  • ·clear, jargon-free explanations
  • ·extensive and wide-ranging use of examples
  • ·particular attention to areas of confusion and difficulty
  • ·Korean-English parallels highlighted throughout.

The depth and range of Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar makes it an essential reference source for the learner and user of Korean irrespective of level. For the beginner, the book offers clear explanations of essential basic grammar points while for the more advanced learner it provides detailed descriptions of less frequent grammatical patterns.

Preface 1. Introduction to the Korean Language 2. Nouns, Nominal Forms, Pronouns and Numbers 3. Particles 4. Verbs 5. Auxiliary (Support) Verbs 6. Clausal Connectives 7. Modifiers 8. Sentence Endings 9. Quotations 10. Other Word Classes Glossary of Linguistic Terms. Related Readings and Bibliography. Index of Grammatical Constructions (Korean). Index of Translation Equivalents (English). General Index

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Korean Grammar in Use - Advanced
Korean Grammar in Use - Advanced

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